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Atik 383L+ M81


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2 images of M81 taken with Atik 383L+ using Celestron C8 and 6.3 reducer, effective focal length ~1750mm. Autoguided with Meade DSI 2 and Skywatcher ED80 on an EQ6Pro mount.

Exposure: L-12x300s RGB-4x300s each, Temp -15c, Binned 2x2

First image reduced by 50%, second image central crop of first.




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I used 1.25 filters - took advantage of the half price filter wheel offer on the Atik site.

Here are links to 2 full size images, no cropping.

M81 binned 2x2: http://www.timothywebster.co.uk/M81_8Apr2010_Bin2_FullSize.jpg

Luminance image taken with Skywatcher ED80

M81 M82 and NGC3077, unbinned, 16 x120s subs: http://www.timothywebster.co.uk/M81andM82andNGC3077_Bin1_Fullsize.jpg

Slight distortion at corners but images are so huge I can live with that.

First impressions of camera are excellent, no problems with software, camera cools within seconds. The size of the images takes a bit of getting used. Astroart runs out of memory quickly with unbinned images. Big advantage is even if pointing accuracy is off the object is more than likely to be on the chip.


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Thanks for the info Tim.

It looks like there are no real issues with 1 1/4 inch filters, whicch was a bit of a question with this chip size, and sensitivity looks great, judging from the fact that you've captured the Holmberg galaxy just below M81 with 2 minute subs and an 80mm scope :p

Ask Atik to give you a discount....you just sold me one :)



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