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  1. The Earth is still (even after 4.5 bn years) releasing energy dating back to its accretion from dust, debris and gas as gravitational energy and also from the decay of radioactive elements. The core is probably solid (Fe) due to the density and despite the enormous (4500-5000 deg ) temperature... The Iron/nickel? core combined with the overal mass of the planet and its rotation are 'probably' responsible for gravity... The Moon influences our gravity to some extent and affects tides for example... Volcanoes are not directly linked to the core, but are a result of the heat transfer through f
  2. I think it is starMap, the 'pro' version is around 10 pounds... expensive as the apps go... Steve
  3. Was actually referring to previous picture for the 27th. Steve
  4. eastenders.... media fodder for the masses wean her off it... she will appreciate it in the end. Steve
  5. Not sure it will work as it has a flat barrel shape unlike the usual cigar /sx type guidecams and may 'interfere' with the body of the OAG unit. Steve
  6. very strange.... Astronomy Picture of the Day
  7. Hello, The Alaskan data is fed from many sources I believe... i have found their data to be much more accurate than others especially aurorawatch who often fail to predict peaks in activity AND are known for more than the occasional false alarm also... Steve
  8. No dust evident up here in NW Highlands!!! I'm not usually part of the 'tinfoil hat brigade' but the cynic in me is screaming that there is more to this than volcanic dust... Volcanoes erupt constantly throughout the world and seem to rarely (only 2 records can be sited on news) have any impact on air traffic... I am well aware of the type of volcanism at work and the effects as I am a Geologist by profession so also well aware of the different types of volcanism throughout the world and their associated ejecta.... (have visited Iceland and Mt St Helens Washington) However.. While not understa
  9. aurora watch is garbage.... I can assure you.... try gedds alaska Steve
  10. YES.... Very much so.... In fact your camera will pick up all stray light to a higher apparent degree than your eyes because it will 'accumulate' the influence of the LP in exposures and increasingly so with longer ones... LP is often the main (assuming good tracking/guiding) limiting factor in exposure length... Even stray light from a different direction will affect images. Filters can be used to varying degrees of success to overcome the effects. Processing can also be efficiently used to remove it also... In an ideal world a clear truly dark sky would be King, but at least there are ways t
  11. sorry bumped the key board and posted gibberish (as normal) before finished Steve
  12. its not one I recognise... seems to be similar mag. to mercury... so could just be a low mag star that you have picked up a bit higher above the murk than mercury or venus. Steve
  13. What size of filters did you use? Was first image cropped any? Can we see a full frame image... Nice though. Thanks Steve
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