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  1. Yes Registax is a good idea! very nice image
  2. Fabulous! y like the little galaxy in the far sky! it is a better picture thank's
  3. Thanks for all my latitude is 44 degs North good sky!
  4. hummmmmmmmmm a mint nebula:p it is fine!
  5. Ola! pardon, hello a little M104 on the treetops 30*3mn with Atik 16HR on 200/1000 it was low on the horizon
  6. Very nice "L'œil Noir" is watching
  7. I like it for the dark zone, you can use Photoshop or another 90s is good choice with your setup
  8. Very nice Rich and varied colors thanks for it
  9. Hello Only 16*2 mn before the rain Arp 84 in Canes Venatici not time for color:mad:
  10. Pretty Hickson 44 behind the sky is rich il like
  11. Very nice triplet the blue color dominates but not annoying 3h30 for colors, it is long; why not filter wheel?
  12. What fireworks! i like the bright sky
  13. What a beautifull image! the full is incredible with Halpha zones thanks!
  14. Salut Olly "more old colour images?" yes "beautifull?" no filter weel: je me régale! i feast with your my Atik best handshake to you and Monique
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