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Eye Pieces

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Having used the 25mm eyepiece supplied with my telescope on a somewhat damp (not raining) night I have notice that there is a pattern of dots within the eyepiece lens. They are definately not on the outer surface (I have however resisted the temptation to wipe this) but appear within the lens itself.

They do not seem to affect the optical quality and I wondered if this was normal, something I should expect, a fault with the eyepiece or something I can easily correct?

All advice will be welcome.


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If you look through the eyepiece at a bright evenly lit background (no scope), do the dots appear black? If so, there is probably dust on one of the lens surfaces. Use a blower of some kind, or gently brush the lenses (both sides), and see if the dust disappears or moves. If so, it can easily be cleaned off with further blowing. If not, one of the internal lenses are affected and this cannot be easily rectified and your dealer should be able to help you out.


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Mike, I know exactly what you mean. I have a similiar effect on one of my eyepieces and also on the eye side of my finderscope. They are both very new and did not come like this. They look like tiny tiny little bubbles. I also was thinking dew or condensation but they don't seem to be getting better with time.

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