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  1. Hi guys and girls Is anyone planning anything up in Scotland soon? Would love to meet a few like-minded people and get some astro-landscape shots done under some dark skies! Steve
  2. Thanks a lot folks, glad you like, quite new to night photography generally. Symesie04 the foreground was actually lit by some street lights just behind me
  3. It's been ages since I've posted on here and I've just asked a question on the general forum so thought I'd post this too. Not the best of shots (its an old shot) and the trailing is mediocre. It's one shot rather than several stacked in startrails. Would love to be able to go back in time and redo this.
  4. Hi there, not posted on this site for ages, apologies. I'm looking to try out some astrolandscape imaging tonight and was wondering if anyone can suggest a good spot for this nearish Edinburgh. I know the further away from light pollution the better but I am limited to trains and buses. I've tried North Berwick which was ok but the Highlands and the Darksky park in Dumfries & Galloway is just too far. Going to try some startrails but if I could get some static shots of the milky way it would be even better although this may be asking a bit much given my travel options. Thanks!
  5. Something for us newbies to try and aspire to! Fantastic Do you anything about these standing stones?
  6. Great start Sam. Like me probably needs more subs. Sounds like you know whats what with photoshop so I reckon your well on the way.
  7. My favourite asterism Kemble's cascade (I think its an asterism?) Dave, thats a cracker!
  8. Very nice mate thats a great result. I'm finding it difficult to use my zoom what with my polar aligning not being too great at the moment. Did you crop this?
  9. Don't know your scope mate and I ain't no expert but I reckon the T-ring and adaptor should be all you need. Hoping someone else can confirm this?
  10. Had another go. I think its better than my last effort but I'm not happy about the spikes
  11. Chris - yeah its the EQ3 and i used the nifty-fifty for this one. I was mainly just testing my polaraligning and so I didnt want to go longer than 90 seconds. Peter - thanks a lot that looks great. No doubt i will have some questions after having a better gander Trull - yeah more subs would have been way better. Next time when I'm polar aligned better.... How do you subtract the master dark from the RAW files (I'm only using TIFF files at the mo due to DSS not accepting my RAW files for some reason)?
  12. Think I might just have to buy this anyway, thanks a lot mate!
  13. thats great news John thanks. I was beginning to worry that Pfocus would be an issue with the MAK. Looks like human error then! I will give it another go with just the t-ring.
  14. i don't think I've been using a barlow to be honest unless the t-adaptor is a barlow? But it sounds like I'm better to attach the camera using only the t-ring and not the adaptor to reduce the focal length?
  15. Just asked this question in another post in another section and thought this would get more replies here. Which of these tools would you say is better? Is it possible to buy the Gradient Xterminator, save the plug in on an external hard drive and use it on more than one computer? (I kinda live in 2 countries at the moment and would be good to be able to use in both)
  16. Grant lovin this grad xtr. Just downloaded free trial and had a play - Yours is better off course but this seems like such a great tool. Is there any way to achieve the same effect without this extra plug in? Is it worth the extra cash? How does it compare to Astronomy Tools which I've just seen? sorry for all the q's!
  17. wow thats very cool! What did you do in PS if you don't mind me asking? To be honest for some reason I'm having to convert my files to TIFF in DSS. It doesn't seem to like my RAW files. It only gives me part of the full image otherwise
  18. thanks GrantEB. That's basically what I've been doing, but definitely need to try daytime. it isn't the central obstruction in a MAK then? or anything to do with me having to buy some kind of focal reducer?
  19. This is my first tracked widefield and I'm really disappointed. I did an auriga shot earlier this year and it was without tracking and much better. This was 10 subs (90 seconds at ISO 800) and 5 darks. I'm assuming that the terrible light to the right of the pic is light pollution and not the milky way Still can't get rid of it. Anyone fancy a go at salvaging it? First pic is my terrible effort at processing (I'm still learning!) and the second is pretty much what came out of DSS. Any comments on how to process this much obliged
  20. Thanks for the reply guys Bunnygod1 - not actually tried that will definitely try it day time Valleyman (Pat) - yeah I went for Betelgeuse. I also tried just hooking up the camera and t-ring without the barlow/adaptor. Still nothing. I even took some shots. Just pure black. 'Tis very strange. But my set up looks ok? I mean I am hooking the bits up ok?
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