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Will I or won't I


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After several sunny days followed by cloudy nights, today is yet another sunny day. But today the wind is blowing from the south east, rather than the east. So, will I be lucky and get a clear night? And if so, will I be even luckier and not have to run the BOPs, which are all ready and waiting!

One the one hand, I'd love to get some more observing done before I go home on Monday, on the other hand, I want to get the BOP on the wellhead before crew change, as crewchange mid-run is just about the worst scenario........ for both myself and my back to back, who will, no doubt, be suffering from severe vodka poisoning on Monday moroning.

Such a dilemma.......... :)

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BOP is a BlowOut Preventer, a collection of very BIG valves, designed to seal around pipe and shut off the well bore in the event of a kick from the formation, thus preventing a catestrophic evacuation of well fluids leading to a blowout, which would otherwise destroy the rig and its personel.

Some pics:


It is my responsability to maintain and oversee the running, retieval and operation of the BOP stack and the rigs tensioning and motion compensation systems.

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