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Bit of play with new bino's last night

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Was out in the snow for about an hour and a half last night from 4pm looking at the moon through a Chrissy prezzy of 10 x 50's - thanks FLO!! Very impressed with image quality - to make life easier they were on a tripod and I was sitting on a Lidl 'ironing stool'. The contrast on the moon was amazing. Happy times ahead....


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Merry Christmas Rob. I'm glad you are enjoying you new 10X50 bins. Even to the most seasoned astronomer a good pair of 10X50 bins are a delight to own and use. I dont think many of us astronomers venture outside without a pair of 10X50s.

Absolute joy to use. The fact you have yours mounted on a tripod is a nice touch.

Once in my life on a night of absolute clear seeing conditions etc i actually managed to see a passover of the International Space Station in which i saw the shape of the main body itself and the shape of solar panels on either side of the main body. Not many people believe me but a couple of people i know have also reported the same sighting with 10X50s. It is most likely a once in a life time observation but it IS possible if conditions are PERFECT.


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