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Skywatcher 130PL Prime Focus

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DSLR/SLR camera attachment.

I hope the following photos may be helpful to anyone trying to achieve prime focus with the Skywatcher 150PL scope. This may also work with the shorter SW150P.

It took me ages to work this out when I first got the 'scope:

First, remove the 1.25" nosepiece assembly, then

Separate the adapter from the 1.25" eypiece holder,

Attach the adapter to the focusser drawtube on the 'scope, finally,

Attach the camera 'T' adapter.

Your SLR will now be in the optimum position to achieve prime focus.

I know most of you will know this already, but it may help someone get the best out of a really excellent 'scope.

Webcams and CCD cameras will focus directly 'plugged' into the eyepiece tube (with or without balrow lenses).

P.S. The new batch of 'scopes have different focussers from the one in the photo, but I'm sure a similar approach will achieve the same objective.






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I´m sure that will be really useful for many people, thanks for sharing.

You can also directly remove the 1,25 eyepiece holder leaving the adapter in the focuser and attach the T ring to it. When you want to put an eyepiece, you just put 1,25 holder, I never take out my T ring from the scope.

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