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  1. Beautiful image Steve, with an interesting wide field. How bad is your sky? Amazing what you did without any LP filter. Javier
  2. Thanks Mick for your reply. I´m going to take your advice. I know I can always cropp the image, but in this case is a shame. This cluster is in very rich zone of the milky way. I think no one will send my a second hand MPCC all the way to Buenos Aires, am I right? Regards, Javier.
  3. Hi Steve, thanks for your answer. I´m looking for a photographic coma corrector. I enjoy observing, but coma is not a big issue for me. But I can´t stand coma in my images. You can see in this image of the Jewel Box the coma in my f5 newtonian (with an awful collimation by the way...) So far, nobody couldn´t tell my anything about GSO-AT coma corrector, and I don´t like the fact that it increases the focal ratio in 10%. I would really appreciate any advice!
  4. Hi everyone! I´m looking forward to purchase a coma corrector, but the only option that I have here is the GSO (coma corrector) I read in astronomics website that their coma corrector would increase the focal ratio in 10%. In the other hando, I´ve read that Baader MPCC won´t change the focal ratio at all. Since I don´t have a good mount, I would prefer to keep my reflector at f5, but I will have to wait several months to purchase the MPCC. Now the question, do all coma correctors increase the focal ratio or is it true than MPCC keeps it when using it in f4-6 reflectors? Thanks for your comments. Regards, Javier
  5. Amazing image! That shot went really deep on nebula´s structure. Very well done!
  6. Amazing image Jordan. Great details along the field. I´m thinking about removing the IR filter from my Canon 300 D without a replacement. Do you know if that would work with the CLS CCD Clip filter. I don´t care about the autofocus. Thanks, Javier.
  7. Nice M33, I love that galaxy.
  8. I´m sure that will be really useful for many people, thanks for sharing. You can also directly remove the 1,25 eyepiece holder leaving the adapter in the focuser and attach the T ring to it. When you want to put an eyepiece, you just put 1,25 holder, I never take out my T ring from the scope.
  9. Nice stuff! Good luck will the proyect.
  10. Nice blue brushes you got there, I love your work!!
  11. Take it easy, you can spend a lifetime of great observation with your 6" scope. Just take it to a dark site. If you can´t, choose nights without moon and point to zenith. With the same scope, I can reach faints targets like M27, NGC253, saturn nebula, in really bad light polluted skies. Orion looks amazing in dark sites, as well as M22, M8, and southern targets like Omega Centauri, Centauro A, 47 Tucanae, Tarantula... But, I must say that 8" make a difference in obseration, if you are not intersted in AP just go for a nice dob. Not to talk a 12" dob, I spent lasta summer in a class 1 sky with a 12" dob, it was a wounderful experience. Just be patient and have a lot of fun.
  12. Have you consider an 8" dob? In my opinion, the best scope to start with, especially with kids. Great views and comfortable positions in any part of the sky, plus, it´s very easy to setup. I would only purchase an eq mount to get into AP. Good luck.
  13. Thanks Neil, John and Mark for your kind words. I´m not using any filter yet. It´s common to get some cyan or green in this particular nebula with unmodded DSRL, don´t know why I want to try again with longer exposures. Regards, Javier.
  14. Hi guys, I wanted to share with you this image of the spider of the southern skies. Of course the image is very poor due to my limited tecnique and equipment, but this is what I can do so far. It was taken from Cañuelas, a dark site 100 km away from Buenos Aires City. 10 x 30" lights, darks and bias. S.W. 6" reflector in Eq3 mount and Canon 300 D in prime focus. The cyan color is quite weird, don`t know really why is that. Looking forward to modified my camera to get more hydrogen. Regards, Javier
  15. Hi Neil, impressive work you did with that mosaic. Thanks for sharing!
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