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Tripod upgrade - Can I?

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Probably a silly question, but is it possible to get one of those 2" stainless steel tripods on their own to fit an EQ5 mount? With a view to upgrading the mount to EQ6 (with whistles & bells on! Which will cost more than all the rest of kit put together so far :)) when I've saved some cash. Or do I put up with the aluminium one (with legs filled with sand!)

Having seen the ones pictured on the forum with the new scopes I see they look far more substantial & I'm itching to try out the web cam when the skies clear. :icon_eek:


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I think the 2" EQ6 tripod top will not fit the base of an EQ5 mount as they are a slightly different design. You could upgrade to a 1.5" steel tripod which is supplied with new EQ5 and HEQ5 mounts. Alternatively the Celestron CG5 2" steel tripod will fit an EQ5 mount if you can find one fore sale.

Either the 1.5" steel mount or the 2" Celestron one would be a good upgrade for you.

First Light Optics might be able to source a 1.5" tripod for you.


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