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Cure for Achroitis?

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Tried this question in a different thread, probably the wrong place for it, so I'll put it on it's own.

How to pretend that your car is one's Bentley analogy.

If one were to obtain a very poorly corrected Achro. scope, one would expect the images to be poor. However if one were to install a filter that only allowed a small range of light wavelengths through, such as a Ha filter, one could focus all the available light on one's chip. One would then be solvent and have images.

Might it work?

Captain Chaos

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There is, of course, a minus-violet filter, which helps with fringing. There is also a product called a Chromacorr, which corrects the colour correction issue, but is fairly expensive ($500 or so) but less expensive than buying an apo.

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I've got a Baader "Fringe Killer" filter which does a good job, I was wondering about using a really bad system like a single 4" f/1.2 lens that's lying about in the garage really. If there was to be only a tight sliver of spectrum it might work rather well, or not at all. The current problem is a tube for it and how to get a wide enough nosepiece on the webcam. Next question will be what (not) on earth to point it at if it does work.

Captain Chaos

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