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Wooden equatorial platform


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A long time ago I saw something similar.I kept working on it and came up with this solution to track the stars with a Dob.
I added a tracking system based on a few cardan couplings and a thick threaded rod.
In the thick wooden beams I added a few rods @51°(polar axis), both in the vertical as well in the horizontal beams. All will be supported by ball bearings.
These bearings are all sitting in a printed blocks.
Tracking is done with a small motor and two bevel gears.
Running time of the unit is about 90minutes.

Next week I'll start building one.






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Just now, Dr_Ju_ju said:

My one suggestion would be to cross-grain the timbers to reduce the amount of wooden flex in differing temperatures etc....


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Not yet started building.
A few changes have been applied, has to do with the tracking speed.
Instead of bevel gears I'll be using a Worm/wormwheel set.

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A few more changes.
The two red axis are both fixed.  They will be connected by a GT2 belt or maybe a set of gears don't know yet.
The cycloidal drive has a reduction of 15x
For quick adjusting the polaraxis I'll add a green laser parallel to the upper polar threaded rod.


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