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Three hours on M101


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This is taken over two nights so far with my RC6 (reduced to 924mm focal length) and ASI485MC. 180 60-second exposures, processed in GraXpert, Siril, starnet and Gimp. I would have used Astrosharp too, but having trouble getting the tool to run on my (supposedly) repaired laptop, so I just did a default sharpen in Gimp. C&C welcome!


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Nice, I've also got a RC6. I've just changed the original focuser for a Baader Diamond Steeltrack and Sesto Senso focus motor. I use mine at 1370mm, which reducer are you using?
I managed a Ring nebula and a Tulip nebula last year but haven't done anything this year, partly due to the weather and a long Astro trip to Portugal. Did a few galaxies early last year.


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I use the reducer I have - an SCT f6.3 reducer. It seems to work OK...

I just got the RC, it's been great on the little targets (and there's a lot of them :) ).

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Also, I am just using the stock focusser manually. I'm finding focus not too hard with an AsiAir.

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