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Camera For Skywatcher 300PDS

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I'm planning on targeting smaller galaxies over the winter with my Skywatcher 300PDS and was wondering if I should consider a different camera. I'm currently using a ZWO ASI294MC Pro, is there a better option out there that I should look at?

For example, here's a comparison from astronomy.tools against the 183 and the 533.


Screenshot 2023-05-27 170100.jpg

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No point in changing cameras if you want to get a smaller field of view, you can just crop the image and get the same "closer" view to the object as the 2 smaller sensor cameras shown in this example.

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With your native FL of 1500mm you're probably already oversampling at 1x1 binning with the 4.63um pixels of the 294.  Going to to the 3.76um pixels of the 533 or the 2.4um pixels of the 183 will just make things worse (check the Astronomy Tools pixel size calculator page to get an idea of the optimum pixel size for your scope). Probably best to use 2x2 binning with your 294 and as @ONIKKINEN suggests, just crop your images.

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On 27/05/2023 at 17:04, Mikey0368 said:

is there a better option out there that I should look at?

Heres another way to look at the problem - which scope works best with the camera(s) that you have. If you put your camera details into the astronomy tools calculator you can play around with changing the focal length and binning to get a range of focal lengths that are optimal. This way you may actually end up spending a lot less and getting an additional scope instead of additional camera 🙂

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