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Is svbony 105 camera good for deep sky ?

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I want a astrophotography camera within 300 dollars range. The svbony 105 is marketed for lunar observation so I wonder if I could use it for DSOs. Is svbony 205 also good? 



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I suggest that you read reviews of the Svbony 105 and 205 with care.  One would not expect the 105 to do much at its low price.

The ZWO ASI224MC is a planetary camera which does work well for DSOs, asides from the comparatively small field of view.  There are other alternatives, and if you want worthwhile results, I suggest you study these products and get a camera with an adequate performance and chip size, and be prepared to pay for it.

As background, I have an old Celestron Solar System Imager camera (the cheapest in the range at the time, similarly priced to the SV105) which is not much good for anything, and a USB2 ZWO ASI120MC which works quite  well for planetary imaging but is useless for DSOs (far too noisy).

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I had a look at the specs of both, and although I haven't experience with either camera, the specs raised some red flags. The SV205 is listed as having a maximum exposure time of just 0.5 seconds, which is very, very short for DSOs. It also sports 1.4 x 1.4 micron pixels, which is very small indeed. This usually means the well depth and therefore dynamic range are relatively small. The SV105 does not list a maximum exposure time, and has 3x3 micron pixels. It does however only have a USB2 interface, and according to the data sheet delivers its maximum frame rate of 30FPS (which is OK, but not great) in compressed form (MJPEG) which is something you definitely don't want. I would have a good look at other options (especially second-hand, if your budget is tight)

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Incidentally, I have got pretty decent results with the ASI178MM (uncooled) on M13, with my APM 80mm F/6 triplet and 0.8x reducer. This camera is close to your budget (depending on where you get it). It has very high QE (up to 81%), and is also a very good planetary camera


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