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Zoom EP, a choice between two

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I have one identical to the top one but it is branded William Optics. It came with a scope that I bought a couple of years ago. Not very impressed at all I'm afraid. The apparent field of view seems even narrower than other zooms and does not widen out much even at 8mm. The eye cup is flimsy on mine and field stop mushy. The zoom action is rather stiff as well. Optically it is OK but nothing special. I'm rather shocked to see that Bresser branded version priced at 150 Euros to be honest with you. I would have been disappointed if I had paid £30 for it.

The bottom one looks very much like the OVL Hyperflex 9-27mm zoom:

 Hyperflex 9-27mm Zoom | First Light Optics

I don't have the 9-27 Hyperflex but I do have the 7.2-21.5mm version and it's a pretty decent performer. The field of view is quite narrow at 21.5mm but the optics are sharp and the zoom action smooth. If the 9-27 is similar then it will be a better zoom than the Bresser one I feel.

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