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Understanding camera tilt figures?


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Hi,  Today i thought i would try and find if my imaging setup has any camera tilt issues that i need to look at.

I have no idea really about tilt issues,  only that people recommend that you should eliminate it if you have any serious tilt issues.

So i went back over some data i have with a 0.77 focal reducer and one without a focal reducer.

Camera is asi2600mc and it is fitted to a ZWO OAG that is connected to a Skywatcher Esprit 150

I put some images into ASTAP as that was a program that i am using for plate solving.

Below are the results,  I am not sure if they are good or bad,  any advice on what i am suppose to be looking at would be appreciated.

This one is 20 second exposure with a 0.77 Reducer

.77 reducer.jpg

This one is a 120 second exposure of a different target with no reducer

no reducer.jpg

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If you update to a more recent version of ASTAP, it will show the percentage tilt.  According to Han (ASTAP's author) anything below 10% is OK.

Your figures look  pretty good, but see what a later version shows?

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