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Celestron NexStarSLT, FL/650mm, D/130mm

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Hello all and all -

Wanting some much needed help. I'm totally green, amateur Astronomy, hobbyist. I've had this telescope for 4 years. Just recently I was able to align it and try it out. To my surprise, I have not a clue when eye piece to start with. I understand the magnificaton and how to calculate the power of the eye pieces.  FL/the eyepiece power,  650/25mm  = 26xmagnification. That was only an example.

But My question is, what eye pieces are suitable for viewing the planets, Mars, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter?  I have assorted eyepiece kit that my wife bought from celestron. right off the top of the list I have 2xBarlow, 6mm, 9mm,17mm, 35mm, 11 or 12mm.

Wondering which eye piece would be suitable for viewing Jupiter for example. I want maximum magnification, with hopes of seeing it some what close up in the eyepiece.?

Anyone available to comment or make suggestions, are most welcome.



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Hi @RMIXON-STARS and welcome to SGL. :hello2:

Start with the e/p with the e/p that has the biggest number [lowest power] and swap to the one's with the smaller number [higher power]. No need rush it. Don't go from your 35mm straight to your 6mm. Use the other e/p's in between as you will need to refocus each time an e/p is swapped until you find the e/p that has found that 'sweet-spot'.

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