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Vixen Spinx mout and the ASIair.


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I have a friend that is trying to use a Vixen Spinx mount with his ASIair and he can not get it to calibrate for auto-guiding.  His Spinx has the early version of the Star Book which is in the list of supported mounts in the ASIair.  He says it seems like it is moving too fast when it tries to calibrate like it is not set to the guiding rate.    Has anyone seen this behavior?

So.....Has anyone been able to get the Spinx to work right with the ASIair? 

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If the Starbook is listed as supported in the ASI menu then it should work

Which model Sphinx and which version of Starbook?

Couple of things to check.. that the tracking toggle is enabled in ASI (mine defaults to off when initially started)

That the calibration settings in AAP are set correctly to suit guide camera focal length

That the guide calibration is located away from the poles


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Thanks for your response...

Sheldon has the original version of the Spinx mount and StarBook and everything else seems to work OK.  Guiding calibration keeps failing.

His guide scope FL is set correctly and he knows to not calibrate in the polar regions.

Where is the "tracking toggle" located in the ASIair + software ????  Can you do a screen shot ???



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From memory it is halfway down the 'Mount' menu page on the AAP, it's a flip toggle. My Vixen SXD2 stops tracking from SB10 once the ASI Air Pro is connected and you have to switch it back on in AAP menu 


If he is getting untrailed long exposure test shots on the main camera obviously this does not apply..

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3 hours ago, 900SL said:

Is it the Starbook 1? Is he connecting via LAN or ST4?


The Starbook 10 works like a champ, not sure about earlier versions

It is the original Starbook so it is probably the version 1.  He is trying to connect via the Lan.   I am not sure if he has tried the ST4 port. 


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