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I have been thumbing through my Astro diary after observing Comet C/2022 E3 ZTF. I thought ‘that must be my fourth comet’. However it is my seventh, possibly eighth since 2019.

My first was 46p Wirtanen the full title I will try and find in other resources. I need help with the following.

I would like to know the full titles for the following comets to complete my records.

Iwamoto observed 13/02/2019.

Panstarrs observed 13/04/2020 just a few days after C2018 W2 Africano.

I look back to my earliest notes and can’t believe the lack of detail. I haven’t even noted constellations🙈

I have an entry for C2017 K2 Panstarrs dated 17/07/2022. Could this be the same comet? I doubt it as they are more than two years apart.

A big thank you to anyone who can give the full titles of the comets and clear up the question of whether the two Panstarrs are the same. If they are not, I am up to eight.

I promise I am keeping much better records now to prevent a repeat of this in the future.


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Don’t use up your valuable time, unless I am wrong of course.

46P Wirtanen does not appear to have a longer name.

Iwamoto is C2018 Y1 Iwamoto.

Panstarrs appears to be C/2017 T2 PanSTARRS.

So if I am not mistaken ( please wade in) the Panstarrs observed 17/07/2022 is C/2017 K2 Panstarrs.

Records complete and actually ZTF is my eighth comet. How the time flies.


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