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SW AZ-GTi GOTO with EQMount Head vs EQ5 Pro Goto

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I was going to get the former but now im thinking the latter would be a better choice?

AP of DSO objects under Bortle 3 skies using WO ZS 73iii, guide scope and cam, flattener and DLSR. Total weight of those, going by manufacturers specs, is just under 4KG, 

This setup will only get used a few times a year and i have no intention of upgeading any time soon. 

EQ5 pro a better choice ?



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1 hour ago, Elp said:

It's a no contest decision, eq5 will be way better overall if you've got the storage space for it.

Yep, that's what I thought....👍

On a side note. I was going to get a guide scope and guide camera. Considering what I'm going after initially, beginner dsos, the scope I'm using and the dark skies I have, can I do without that for now. Money I save on those will nearly pay for upgrading the mount?

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You could try without the guidescope and camera for now, and use the mounts sidereal function which counteracts the rotation of the earth, there should be some speed rates to choose from on the hand controller for adjustment.

You could get a Rigel quikfinder or a telrad to put onto the scope so you can visually assess where it's pointing via reference stars nearby if you're not plate solving (plate solving takes an image via the main camera and the controlling computer cross references the taken image with a database so it can identify where the scope is pointing).

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To offer a different viewpoint...

I had an EQ5 to start with, and then an AZ-GTi for a 60mm APO. I preferred the AZ-GTi and it produced better AP results. The EQ5 was so very bad at guiding in DEC. I can't remember the details, but from memory, the design of the EQ5 leaves out a bearing on the DEC axis and has a shim instead, so is prone to stiction. 

The AZ-GTI wasn't amazing compared to a HEQ5 or EQ6, but was more than good enough for the 300mm OTA I was using.

I'd also say that you do need to guide. A DSLR will need long exposures and neither mount will be able to track well enough unguided for minutes.


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