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trying to sort image train

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17 hours ago, Stu Wilson said:

image train


Lovely image. Amazing colours.

The cc seems to be doing its job, but before tweaking its spacing, probably best to fix the tilt: fatter stars toward the bottom and left. It's pretty good as it is, so assuming you're dead centre on collimation and the mirror isn't moving around as the telescope changes angle, would probably respond to simply removing and then refitting the camera and associated fittings. Another culprit is the GSO focuser locking screw which is prone to causing tilt if the tension is incorrect.

Ensure there's nothing blocking the optical path. It looks as though either the flat frames aren't working or there's something causing irregular vignetting or... dunno...

Cheers and HTH


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If I get a chance tonight I'm gonna restock with different flats and do another restack with no flats and see whats happening there too. Yes I figured the lock screws could poss be major issue aswel.








Cheers as usual



















































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2 hours ago, Stu Wilson said:

lock screws

In the dark, it's all too easy to tweak the tension adjuster instead. One trick is to replace it with a grub screw (M4 I think). Set it with a hex key or screwdriver in daylight and leave it. You then have only one finger adjustable screw to tweak.


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15 hours ago, Stu Wilson said:

Alicante momento  vente degs?

Seco y con el cielo despejado, pero no tengas tanta envidia que por la noche hace frío. Anoche, solo 5°. (Clear and dry but with cold nights.)

Saludos / Cheers 

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