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How much is my gear worth? (UK) ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro, filters, SpaceCat

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I've been thinking about selling my gear for a while, bought in 2018 and 2019, but I'm not sure how much it is worth as there is very little pre-owned stuff around to compare against.


It's been packed away since the end of 2019, the ZWO gear has done about 90 hours of imaging, the SpaceCat has done some test shots of M42 and that's it.


What has spurred me on to do something is someone that I know locally is interested in the ZWO camera, filter wheel and filters.


I'll list what I have below and prices from eBay;


ZWO ASI 1600MM-Pro - £840


ZWO EFW 7 slot 36mm unmounted - £250 - 270


ZWO LRGB 36mm unmounted - £150 (on the Blue filter and possibly the Green there are small chips on the outer edge, I haven't noticed any detrimental effect on the data/images)


ZWO SHO 36mm unmounted 2nd Gen - no prices, £508 new


William Optics SpaceCat - none on eBay, a few RedCats for £550 - £690


DeepSkyDad EAF focuser for SpaceCat - ???


Also various accessories.


I'm in two minds whether to sell or not, the reasons that I stopped imaging are complicated, a mixture of life/young kids that aren't the best sleepers/time/location/work and I now have 1.5Tb of data from Telescope Live, a lot of which are targets with a similar FoV to the ASI1600/SpaceCat combination. I'm not desperate for the cash, it would be nice especially at the moment, but I'm not keen on taking a big loss either.

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