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Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) 23rd Jan 2023


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Finally managed to catch this one this morning. Mrs Stu was getting up early for a call, and it was clear when I put the dog out so I popped the everready Tak out with 24mm Panoptic and found it fairly easily. I followed the line of stars Eta, Sigma and Tau Herc to take me to Iota Draconis (Edasich) and positioned the RDF in the right spot relative to it. Found the comet with a small amount of panning from there.

It was very obvious, quite bright and looked to extend out into a tail, although transparency wasn’t great so I’m sure that was cutting down what I could see.

I had the 16” out under cover so decided to try it with that. Got into it fairly easily by putting Edasich on the outer ring of the TelRad in the right place. Nice bright and larger view, though no more detail than in the Tak. This was with the 31mm Nagler and Paracorr so x62.

I managed a few smartphone shots, nothing amazing but nice as a record. A nice comet, though a long way from being another NEOWISE currently. Must try again on a more transparent night though.





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