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Heritage-90 Virtuoso mount handset control question

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I recently bought the Skywatcher Heritage-90 Virtuoso mount (has a 90mm mak-cas scope on a mini-dob mount). After some problems, I managed to hook up a V4 handset with a AZ synscan cable. Initially the handcontrol only moves the mount up and down and left right using the rate*9 setting on the handset.

There is no facility for the Panorama setting which is present in the Allview mount. In fact it was the flexibility of the Allview mount for photography that first attracted to me to this Heritage-90 unit.

Will flashing the handset with the Allview mount firmware allow me to control the panorama function of the mount via the handset ?

I was worried I would lose the EQ firmware if something went wrong, or can I just jumpt to whatever firmware you decide to install on the handset ?

Anyone else who has this unit and has experience of using the handset will be welcome to give comment or advice.

Thank you.


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I'm assuming you have the original virtuoso mount, I wouldn't personally flash the firmware from a different mount as you mention using a handset where the current virtuoso comes with wifi capability. The original virtuoso can be used for panorama photos via the onboard buttons. The wifi v2 version perhaps might work with the Android Panorama app as it did with my v1 mount (used with a Bluetooth connector at the time I'll retest with the wifi dongle to see if it still does).

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I've tested now and the panoramic app I had mentioned is only Bluetooth. The synscan app has a terrestrial feature where I could add a list of terrestrial targets but I didn't find a way to link then together and/or auto trigger the camera.


If your virtuoso still supports starting pressing button 5 into EQ mode then you don't want to change your firmware as my virtuoso v1 has a slightly more recent (still old) firmware but my mount does not support EQ mode starting.

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