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Synscan handset display “slipping” issue?


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I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with their Synscan handset.

It’s a new upgrade kit that I only fitted last week on my EQ5 mount. It mostly works fine, slews as it should etc. but I seem to have a fault on the handset where the text on the screen keeps slipping down the display. It does this randomly, but frequently, and the only way to get I can correct it is to turn it off and on again. Basically, I lose the second line on the display. I also quite often lose both lines - the display is lit but nothing on it. Again this will happen at random and it happens both when using a power pack or connected to mains. 

It’s frustrating because so far I can’t get all the way through a three star alignment before this happens, and then I can’t pick the 2nd or 3rd star to align, or view the objects lists to slew to and track, because the display has slipped. Turning it off and on again resets the whole process and I’m back trying to align again. 

Here is what I mean… the display should look like this: 


But eventually it will “slip” and what I get is this with the second line missing:




Is this a faulty handset? Or am I unknowingly making it do this? 

Grateful for any advice! Thanks 

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If the Synscan kit is new you have a couple of options.  The first is to check the version of firmware the handset is running and then download and flash the firmware from Skywatchers website here

Or simply contact the retailer from where it was purchased and request a  repair / replacement 

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21 hours ago, Mal22 said:

Thanks both, I’ve just contacted the shop and they’ve said it’s really unusual and they’re going to contact Skywatcher. 

just to remind you that your contract is with the retailer NOT the manufacture.  It's the retailer that you purchased the kit from responsibility to replace / repair the handset, even if they state its out of warranty as there are consumer laws that protect you the customer.

If the kit is within its warranty period then there should be no reason why the retailer can't simply replace the handset for you and then they would seek a credit from the SW Distributor, who would seek redress directly from Synta.

Hope you get it sorted soon

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