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ASIAIR Plus and Safari/Stellarium


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On 28/11/2022 at 04:22, bosun21 said:

I know that Sky Safari is compatible with the asiair plus but was wondering whether it can be also be used with Stellarium. Thanks 

I have recently been having a close look at the asiair and after reading your post, it raised the question in my mind, what does sky safari add to the asiair setup? ta much.

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You can link the ASIAir to SkySafari and you have a full fledged planetarium (much better than the built in one on ASIAir) at your disposal. Basically you have full control of your mount via SkySafari for regular go-tos, and vice-versa, when you execute Go-Tos with ASIAir, Skysafari automatically will point you there.

I have both SkySafari and ASIAir apps communicating both on my iPad and on my windows desktop (the latter via Bluestacks with ASIAir on station mode).

It's just something extra to have. Some find utility to this, others don't.

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On 28/01/2023 at 11:32, DSviewer said:

Sounds like SkySafari is a better way to go than use the native ASIAIR then ?

There is some additional functionality provided by the native ASiAir planetarium software to help with framing, rotation and mosaics etc.  Must be possible to run both concurrently surely? 


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Both can run concurrently. However, when SS7 tells the mount to go to an object, it does not "inform" ASIAir so you can't do platesolve and center. You need to input into ASIAir planetarium the target and then platesolve. 

Also, SS7 reads where the mount is, and does not receive data from ASIAir, so at least it shows you where you are and what objects are there in MUCH MORE DETAIL than ASIAir.

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