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Rcx veiwing

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Hi guys any body out there with Rcx 10 I was out other night looking at deep space objects noticed that the quality was not sharp objects they seam to very faint and dull no sharpness as the Rcx has thinking 🤔 it might be maybe corrector plates might need cleaned but even looking at Jupiter which is always bright in field of view was duller than useful any tips guys cheers rob 

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Is this the first time you have come across this issue, or has it been a slow reduction in quality? Either way check for cleanliness of equipment before you put it out.

Try pointing it from inside out to a far off terrestrial object to test for image clarity 

When you put it out, check for any dew on the corrector plate whilst using it. Is it possible it could have dewed up during last use, this can cause a softness in objects without being immediately apparent to the user!

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