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Simple File Copier


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I wanted the basic ability to copy only new files from NINA's output directory to my NAS as soon as the exposures came in, so that when the obsy shuts down I have the files ready to process on my NAS.

All the file sync applications are too bloated and/or they only have "sync" capability, meaning that if I move a file from the destination folder it keeps getting recreated. You could save directly to the NAS but this is slower and relies on your network connection.

You could achieve this fairly easily with other methods e.g. powershell scripts but I found it easier to just write my own simple app to do it.

On the off-chance anyone else would like it, here it is. It's built for Windows (64bit) as a console app, so you can add it to Startup. The exe is fairly large as it's a self-contained .net6 app. You can configure your mappings in appSettings.json:


The delay is useful in case your capture software updates the image after saving (e.g. the headers after a plate solve).   


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