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M20 with Skymax 127


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Little of atypical imaging, deep space with Mak :)

Edited with Siril and Lightroom 

I planed to get more exposures but ended up only with 29x300. 




127/1500 MAK

EOS 550D

60/330 guidescope

Rpi HQ Cam guidecam

EQ5 Onstep



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Indeed, you need a bit more integration time but field is flat, and optical quality is great, aberration free, only issue is bit off vignette on such a big sensor, fixed by flats and background extraction. 

Only prerequisite is good mount to handle big fl, which I do not have :)

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That's a lovley "classical" rendition. Very nicely captured. It immediately reminded me of the front cover of one of my favorite childhood books, long since gone but never forgotten. So I just had to look it up!

Constellations (Concise Guides in Colour) by Josef Klepesta; Antonin Rukl - Hardcover - 1977 - from Tobo Books (SKU: 002911)

Ok, so the framing and colour are entirely different but that's a 45 year old memory I'm working with 🤩

My 127 Mak has surprised me a few times but I just don't seem to use it these days. I'm inspired to have a try myself but for me M20 transits at about 13deg altitude, blotted out by the intense skyglow on my S horizon :(

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It is pretty low for me as well it is at 23 degrees and it is pictured from very light poluted location, but luckly not a lot skyglow as sea is at south. 


Single frame attached, debayered, one is "raw", second is photometric color calibrated to remove green glow. 





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