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  1. Love your work, what wonders could you make if you had weather like me(40 cloudless nights straight). Diffraction spikes on stars are great.
  2. if you can glimpse andromeda with naked eyes, then guide stars are visible, an you will be able to easily find objects, if you live in heavily light poluted areas as I am, then I would recommend GOTO, since it is pretty frustrating trying to find gudide stsr with red dot.
  3. There is also this app, it is in beta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.seebi.deepskycamera&hl=en It does not work with OnePlus 5T max exposure is 0.1(although app says it is 48, but oneplus messed something up) but it should be good on Samsungs up to S9 I think, you can try it out as well. @Ggan I will probably need to modify focuser to be low profile for EOS-M so keep us updated please
  4. Hi mate, I have Heritage 130p and did this with phone: My equipment is: Heritage 130p, Used EQ-2 mount(about 60 eur), although EQ3 would be much better, this one has a bit of whiplash Arduino Due with HC-05BT module for mobile speed control(15eur) Stepper (20 eur) Telescope phone holder(10 eur) Svbony UHC filter - because of my high light polution(25 eur) Svbony 26mm plossl(25 eur) Phone of choice (mine has max 30 sec exposure, maybe even too much for this setup) I also now ordered Canon EOS M for 120 eur, although not perfect option because of missing usb control, it is light (250 grams), and I am waiting for an adapter (5 eur)
  5. Hi guys, here is Orion nebula taken with Oneplus 5t, through Heritage 130P on EQ2 with custom arduino tracking, 26mm plossl with Svbony broadband UHC filter in Brothle 8-9 sky. iso 1600, 27x30 sec exposure stacked with sequator no dark no bias. Also there is one unstacked 30 sec exposure as seen for reference. No special adjustments(or proper colimation) made. OnePlus 5T is good option for this usage because it has 30 sec exposure in pro mode, and it can capture raw(although this is stacked jpeg, didn't want to bother with raw editing if someone wants raws I can upload them), but it can
  6. For fiver cam and small scope this is impressive, well done
  7. This is stunning, borderlines with astrophotography
  8. Hi barkingsteve, Thanks on very useful post. I allready have CLS and UHC filters, so that should be good. But 294MC Pro results are stunning. For now I think I might get something more affordable/used and with smaller FOV, but I think good buy will be something with 183C chip. As I can see on calculator you provided(thanks on that as well) it is half way from 385C and 294 in both price(Altair cooled is 500GBP) and FOV wise and with 0.5 reducer it could fit Andromeda. Calculator is really fun will pay with it more
  9. These are stunning eaa images. Impressive equipment, too bad that camera is way out of my budget What would you recomend for more budget friendlier alternative? Very interested since I have brotle 9 skies as well and visual observation is basically useless for DSO. What mount do you have?
  10. Interested in this part as well, would jupiter at same magnification, lets say 200x, with same quality Eyepieces, look better on 150mm SC f10 or on 150p f5 newtonian
  11. Then go wirh celestron 6. You can't replace sky quality with appeture, and dark skys matters most of all, if you will be able to easily take Celesteon to dark place buy it since from light poluted place you will be able to observe moon, planets and double stars if you can even find them ( I can't see Albireo with naked eye) even clusters are troublesome.
  12. Think about Sky-Watcher StarQuest-130P, and if portability is more important then Heritgae Flextube 130p, or above mentioned 150p if better views are more important. They all have parabolic mirrors while 130m has spherical if i remember correctly
  13. I have thst scope, with it i also got 2x Celestron barlow around 20€ 9mm svbony eyepiece 25$ 6mm svbony eyepiece 25$ Two nights ago weather was perfect and I observed moon jupiter and saturn at 216x magnification,(6mm eyepiece and barlow) I think that is upper limit. Fine little scope. I love it
  14. If you have stock laser finder/red dot you need to set it up firsr. Point telescope to distant street lamp or something similar, and then using bottom and side screw on red dkt ajdusit it that red dot points at street lamp
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