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  1. This is stunning, borderlines with astrophotography
  2. Hi barkingsteve, Thanks on very useful post. I allready have CLS and UHC filters, so that should be good. But 294MC Pro results are stunning. For now I think I might get something more affordable/used and with smaller FOV, but I think good buy will be something with 183C chip. As I can see on calculator you provided(thanks on that as well) it is half way from 385C and 294 in both price(Altair cooled is 500GBP) and FOV wise and with 0.5 reducer it could fit Andromeda. Calculator is really fun will pay with it more
  3. These are stunning eaa images. Impressive equipment, too bad that camera is way out of my budget What would you recomend for more budget friendlier alternative? Very interested since I have brotle 9 skies as well and visual observation is basically useless for DSO. What mount do you have?
  4. Interested in this part as well, would jupiter at same magnification, lets say 200x, with same quality Eyepieces, look better on 150mm SC f10 or on 150p f5 newtonian
  5. Then go wirh celestron 6. You can't replace sky quality with appeture, and dark skys matters most of all, if you will be able to easily take Celesteon to dark place buy it since from light poluted place you will be able to observe moon, planets and double stars if you can even find them ( I can't see Albireo with naked eye) even clusters are troublesome.
  6. Think about Sky-Watcher StarQuest-130P, and if portability is more important then Heritgae Flextube 130p, or above mentioned 150p if better views are more important. They all have parabolic mirrors while 130m has spherical if i remember correctly
  7. I have thst scope, with it i also got 2x Celestron barlow around 20€ 9mm svbony eyepiece 25$ 6mm svbony eyepiece 25$ Two nights ago weather was perfect and I observed moon jupiter and saturn at 216x magnification,(6mm eyepiece and barlow) I think that is upper limit. Fine little scope. I love it
  8. If you have stock laser finder/red dot you need to set it up firsr. Point telescope to distant street lamp or something similar, and then using bottom and side screw on red dkt ajdusit it that red dot points at street lamp
  9. Again me with DIY ideas, if you are interested in pushto it is very simple and affordable to DIY here is full guide https://www.instructables.com/id/Control-Your-Telescope-Using-Stellarium-Arduino/
  10. Hi, doing something similar DIY currently so I need/have: OnStep GoTo software- https://groups.io/g/onstep/wiki/home - free Arduino Mega + RTC+ BT or similar device from OnStep wiki - 15-30€ 2x Nema 17 Stepper Motor with planetary gearbox 25-50€+ per piece, depending on quality - 1 2 Nema 17 brackets - 10 € Stepper drivers - 10€ Some power suply or battery + powerbank for arduino - 30€ Pulleys and GT2 belts(or similar) - 15€ 3D printed gear wheels for better transmition(200 GT2 teeth for OTA/ALT, 500 GT2 for Base/AZ) - 30€ OnStep seems pretty good.
  11. Woah, but they are priced excelent as well ? I am doing home renovation now so 150€ per eyepiece is quite out of my price range. Will buy them one day when I get better telescope, but for now frankly can't afford that, but thanks on advice!!!
  12. Hi hi, First Light report ?, So few days ago my Heritage 130p arrived and I observed through it for first time. And I collimated it, i think it was good. First object was Saturn with 25mm, and then with 10mm EP, rings were visible but Cassini division was not. Next in line was Jupiter. I might have seen two rings, and two moons but Jupiter was pretty far down, so viewing conditions weren't perfect, but acceptable. Mars was small orange blob ? as expected. Next was Andromeda galaxy, but in very very LP area. Airport few miles away on side of Andromeda and shiny new bridge opposite, but I found Mirach easy, and then few minutes later stumbled upon whitish smudge :). Day after I observed Moon and it was stunning!!! Yesterday I created coat from thick black paper, and attached it to tube, but It was cloudy... So I ordered 2x barlow and I have two suplied Kellner lenses(as I googled) 10mm and 25mm. With barlow that should be 5mm, 10mm, 12.5mm, and 25mm Now I am thinking about getting more eyepieces. I will probably order BST EP since they are best value as I read, but I am not sure what diameters should I take. As I am new to telescope astronomy I like DSO and Solar System
  13. I don't know, they have emotional value and long long story, they were my late dads and late grampas, so I will be keeping them, fixed or not fixed, i didn't think lens would be so hard to find, but that is fine. Btw. lens was broken way before I was even born I was planing on buying new binos, celestron 15x70 or 25x70, but decided that telescope is first
  14. No one sends to Croatia So diameter is 50mm, but focal lenght... that could be and issue, i did not find anything online, can I calculate it from FOV?
  15. Yeah, but that one is 7X50 ? my guess is that won't work, or maybe it will? I am not so good with lenses
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