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When the nights are short and the Moon is full...... image a double star !!


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Evening all.

I quite like to broaden the repertoire and when all the unfavorable  aspects of Summer imaging came into play the other night, I thought I would try to capture some of the beauty associated with double stars. Especially those with a colour contrast.

It was in fact Albireo seen through a very shaky Fullerscopes refractor many years ago that got me going with the hobby.

Here are three that on display at the moment.

All taken with a mono-cam  Atik 414ex ( LRGB).    Very short exposures ~10secs through a Celestron Edge 8HD with 0.7x reducer.

Actually quite tricky to get the balance between bringing out enough background stars for stacking, but not over saturating the main feature.


802725449_Albireo_c8hd0.7x_414ex_LRGB1-1-11stJune2022.thumb.jpg.f36180c98a23f4e40b8ff010206cca3e.jpg        1008745569_Del_Cephei_C8HD_0.7x_414ex_LRGB5-5-5-510sexposures15thJune2022.thumb.jpg.0cf435c13f402807a0bcdf1cc3d50dc7.jpg    498155462_Omicron_Cygni_C8HD_0.7x_414ex_RGB-5-5-515thJune2022.thumb.jpg.aac0f57da22bc6e7ba623798df354438.jpg


I think my processing is bringing the 'red' out a little too much.

But hey-ho!.....   another thing to master.



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