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Globular Cluster G1 In M31

Kepler 3

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I live in an apartment in town and the only observing that I can do is with my H alpha scope-so I now use iTelescope. This morning I got up at dawn and found that the 24" Planewave scope in California was available and used it to get an image of globular cluster G1 in M31, and was pleased to see some of the nebulosity-considering that it is 2.5 million light years away. In that dawn was just starting  there also I was able to get one frame with a 180 s exposure. G1 is in the apex of the triangle in the lower middle of the image. 



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Nice image. I've tracked down a few other M31 and M110 globulars in my images but Mayall ii  (G1) is my favorite.

I've imaged it a couple of times. But it needs more focal length than my f4 10" Newt affords me. My renditions were just stellar in appearance. 

You'll see your field in the center of my image! The Globular barely having open sky between it an the two adjacent stars.


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