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Walking on the Moon

Horsey, first processing


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This is my best so far at the horsey. 1 hour 15 min. stacks of 3 min. subs with 10 darks. First processing attempt, but thought I'd stick it up just the same. A bit red I'd say and burnt out stars, but that is one thing I'm working on...:)


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You've got some good data there....the focus is nice and tight and a good FOV. You already know what needs doing.

How are you stretching the data?

Are you using levels and bringing down the white point to stretch the faint stuff?

If so, this is why the stars are burned out. It's possible to bring out faint detail using curves without burning out the light areas by holding down (in photoshop) CTRL, while right clicking on a faint grey area of nebulousity. This will place a point on the curve exactly where you want it. You can then add another point, in a mid grey area. Then place a point on the curve above these, and pull the rest of the curve down so it follows a stright line to the top right corner. Use levels after this to raise the black point, but leave the white point where it is.

I virtually never touch the white point in levels.



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Thx Rob. Yea I probably move the white too much. I hate to do it, but you know....:) Levels and curves is what I use most I'd say, and I'm trying to use curves more because they seem so much more subtle. I like your method, and I'm gonna try that. Sounds good. Thx for the tip.

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That pic looks like it has all the ingredients of a nice image. Focus, star shape, composition etc all good. As Rob says, I never touch the white point either.

In the help section of the forum you will find some easy tutorials on processing, including how best to deal with stars. Alnitak is nearly always a problem, but see how you get on.

Thanks for posting!


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Thx TJ, and for the tip also. I'll be sure to check it out. And I always thought the hardest part of all this would be finding targets and taking pics...! :)

Nah thats the "easy" part the fun is in the processing...

As the others have said some good data to work with there..

Oh and welcome to the forum as well :mad:


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