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Baader Solar film

Dave scutt

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I got my new baader solar film today and I must of measured it wrong just a bit to small and to make things worse it had a small crease or hole near the corner. 

So I used the template and made it smaller and put thick cardboard behind it so I don't burn my eyes would this be ok.


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I would always err on the side of caution when it comes to solar observation as your eyes are very precious.

See my examples, even though they're mounted into thick cardboard you can see I've cut the film so it extends right to the circumference and they are also larger in diameter than my front objective so it makes it physically impossible (or more difficult anyway) for any stray sunlight to enter.

Better to be safe than sorry.


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There's a couple of things I would look out for.

One is to be sure that everything is secure and nothing can fall apart or slip out of position when observing. I would say it needs to be robust enough that it can take a reasonable  knock and still be intact and in position.

The other is if the solar film is not covering the full aperture you need to be sure that whatever else is there is stopping the full spectrum. Cardboard will stop visible light but will it stop UV and IR? I would guess it does but I would not act on a guess when it comes to solar observing. I would check this before being content.

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There is only one safe answer to this and that is NO.

For visual anything you might do other than replace it is a risk.

In your hand when you hold it up to the sun do you see the gap? 

Patch it with a double layer of tin foil glued over the gap and use with a camera only. Thats a what I would choose to do


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