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How much should I be able to see?

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I'd expect that combo would give you quite nice views of things like M42 (orion nebula) etc. Looking at clusters, and there's some lovely ones to see, you should be able to see most of the stars in them (possibly not quite in the larger clusters) but as Jon said, you won't see detail on the stars. That combination is producing 30x, so you will be able to see the moon, but it'll be all of it with some room around it. I also don't think you'll get much from the planets. You'd need a much shorter focal length ep for that. I think I worked out around 6.5mm with a x2 barlow would max out the mag of the C80ED.

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the better the scope the smaller the star looks, in a C80 refractor when correctly focused they will be pin points, but nebula, star clusters, planets and the moon will show size and detail.

You will find also as you get better at observation you will see more.

You will need a range of eyepieces to get the best out of your scope, high powers for planets and the moon and wide angle low power for nebula and star clusters.


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OK thanks for your help. I think I am just having a little trouble finding things. Not helped by the fact that the sky clouded over not long after I posted this message :mad:

Oh well! I am looking forward to SGL star party 4 where I can get some real life help from all you experts :)

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I know a lot of people with the C80. Most of them use it for clusters and the Moon. Just enjoy what you can see with this great little scope.

You should be able to see a nice crescent of Venus at the moment. You should be able to make out the rings of Saturn. Not much detail with the scope,but a nice sight. When Jupiter is better placed it will be a much better target than the other planets. You would see the four major moons and possibly a little belt detail.

Just sweep the starfields in Cygnus when it rises earlier,it is breathtaking. Also have a look for the beautiful double Albireo.

Give FLO a call about a couple more eyepieces.

Clear Skies.


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