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  1. Thank you for the input. I didn't even think to check amazon lol. Great to hear that you had great experience with it on a similar setup!
  2. Sorry, I guess this should have been posted in the "Getting Started with Imaging" Section...
  3. I am debating taking the plunge and dabbling very lightly in astro photography. My scope is a SW 200p dob and the only camera I will have access to is the very lame 5 mp camera on my LG 4k 2017 phone. So a couple of questions: As for a smart phone adapter, the one i've seen used the most would be the NEXYZ 3-AXIS UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE ADAPTER. However I have not been able to find any reviews or anything on it. Can anyone recommend any decent Apps for the phone so I can at least make the best of what I have? Manual ISO setting, Exposure times, etc
  4. I'm certainly going to have to look into these a bit more. Kind of nifty!
  5. I have a Skywatcher 200p Solid tube dob. I was curious if it is possible to fit the synscan system onto it like their truss tube dobs. Anyone have any insight on this one? It would just be nice to have since I live in the middle of downtown so finding some things isn't always as easy as it should be. Jon
  6. Anyone know if skywatcher still makes the SWA 70 eps? At least in the North American market? Im torn between these and the meade series 5000 ones.
  7. 200 will most likely be a comfortable upper limit. The real problem with a dob is actually aiming/"tracking" at high magnifications (I find anyways). But I have to agree that the 70 - 150 range is the most common for me.
  8. There was a comet when I was about 4 yrs old. I dont remember which one it was or where in the sky, but My aunt let me see it thorugh a lttile 70 or 80 mm refractor. That is when I was FULLY hooked. Every clear night after that I was stargazing.
  9. Looks great. Especially for a WiX site!!! Looks like it certainly has a great future Very nice, clean layout. Did notice one typo though. http://andrewrichens.wix.com/astro-nerd#!equipment/c5dt "In the future, this webcam will probably be paired with the 102mm refractor as and auto guider." I will certainly be keeping an eye on this site.
  10. Wtf?!?! When I checked earlier I could only find the straight through on that site. Thanks lol
  11. Howdy folks. I was hoping you could all help me find something online. I am having trouble finding a Canadian store that sells skywatcher right-angle finders. The typical stores only seem to have the straight-through versions(which is whats already on my scope). Hope your "Google-Fu" is stronger than mine. Jon
  12. Obviously not. Otherwise the street light would not have been standing
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