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Cobwebs inside OTA of my 127 SLT

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So around some time ago I discovered cobwebs inside the optical assembly. It is not inside the optical mirror (the small white circle in the middle)

They're only visible if I look closely into the inside of the OTA.

How do I remove them, if I can't will they make an impact on my planetary photography? Any repairs?



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It takes a great deal of dust & crud (or cobwebs) to make a noticeable difference to the results. Having said that what you describe would probably bug me.

I’ve only ever had one Maksutov, a Meade ETX. On that, the front corrector lens simply unscrewed.  I did that to remove crud from the inside of the secondary mirror baffle, fixed inside the main corrector lens.   If it were me, I’d do an online search to see if it’s the same method to remove the front corrector from a Celestron.  If you do, you may find it’s screwed on tightly.  When you replace it, be very careful not to cross thread.  The secondary is likely an aluminised area directly on the inside of the front corrector, so be very wary of causing damage.  The corrector itself could be cleaned with care, same as a refractor objective.

Please note, on my ETX, the front corrector complete with the cell screwed off as a single unit, the corrector itself stayed integral with the front cell (the front end of the optical tube).

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