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Time to learn again.

Marvin Jenkins

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I started this madcap adventure with a purchase of a 130 newt on an EQ2 2018.
After a short time I bought a 150pds on an EQ5 Pro goto and bagged all the messiers etc etc.

I have recently decided to get the old faithful out and see how my actual skills in astronomy fair since the sweetener of Synscan.

Turns out using the laminated version of Vaslovs Deep sky hunter and actually finding it for yourself whilst freezing cold is a hoot! The Owls agree.

After a ten minute star hop fail, retry, scratch head, dark adaptation, fail then success. Bodes and Cigar.

I know, not the most ground breaking find but I think relevant to many new on here and some not so new that have been relying on tech (me)

M81/M82 look amazing and I am only using a 25mm plossle in a little newt on a mount that wobbles like a jelly.

I have clear skies and I am loving it.


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I sometimes use binoculars first to familiarise myself with the area, even if they can't show me the target, and then a use my 9x50 finder to point the scope close to it. The red dots are not very good for finding stuff, if you are doing it manually a good optical finder is a must.

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Sounds fun and my kind of thing!

About this time last year, when I first found M81/M82, using an even smaller Skywatcher 1145p on and even wobblier EQ1,  I used my late dads old 7x50 1960’s binoculars to do the star hop to M81 even though I couldn’t see M81/M82 in the binoculars in my light polluted sky. Then used a combination of red dot finder and low power eyepiece (as a finder) to follow the hop I’d done in the binoculars.

I now also have a 200p Dob with a 9x50 finder and when I’ve found a target for the first time, centred in the eyepiece, I’ll often go back and look in the finder then do a noddy sketch of the star pattern I can see. I then look at the sketch the next time/night I have a chance to go for the target again. It’s amazing how this jogs my memory and enables me to instantly recognised the area of sky in the finder once again. 

Like finding your way around a forest without a map these things eventually become second nature. 

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Marvin, your astronomical journey is truly inspiring! Evolving from a 130 newt to capturing Messier objects with a 150pds on an EQ5 Pro goto showcases your progression. Navigating the night sky manually with Vaslov's Deep Sky Hunter adds a delightful touch to your adventure, resonating with the authentic approach we value at https://www.personalstatementwriter.org/ Your perseverance through star hopping and spotting Bodes and Cigar exemplifies the joy of genuine exploration. If ever you decide to articulate your journey in a personal statement, we're here to assist. May your exploration under clear skies continue to bring joy and fulfillment! 🌌📝

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Wow how the time flies. I made a very important decision shortly after going back to the 130. I upgraded the mount to an EZ5 as I just couldn't handle the wobble. I am all for a challenge in the night sky but not a handicap in the back garden.

The upgrade came by a mix of good fortune, good will and timing. I was given a 2" EQ6 tripod. For my 50th birthday my wife bought me an adapter plate (geoptiks) so my goto mount is on the heavy tripod.

The other present was the EZ5 which is now on the 1.75" left over tripod. My new grab and go is a little more grab and the go is a bit slower but what a difference. Problem now is the weather, worst year since I started with the 130 ironically.

Goes to show you can upgrade over time but your timing had better be good.



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