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Celestron NexImage Kit

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Hello all,

No viewing for ages!! Clouds clouds clouds. :lol: Anyway enough of that. I'm looking for some advice about the Celestron NexImage Kit. It appears to be a reasonably priced way of getting into astro-photography. Just wondering if anyone has, or does use it and is the quality any good. Also if anynoe has any images gained from this equipment that would be nice.

Cheers in anticipation,


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Its basically a re housed Toucam Pro Christo, the quaity is the same and pretty much everything else apart from a telescope adapter built in to the houseing.

Better getting a Toucam Pro 2 and Moogy Adapter much cheaper or at least last time i looked..


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I have a neximage camera (which i brought before i discovered it is a toUcam rebreanded by celestron). It has the exact same chip as the toUcam and the only advantage is you dont need to mess around with adapters as it has a built in barrel. Although at least with the toUcam you can screw the lens back on and have a web cam should you so wish. One other advantage of the neximage is that it's much easier to modify for long exposure (apparently, i've never cracked the case on mine as it's less than 12 months old). As the neximage is about £100 i'de advice you to find a toUcam and adapter. You can even find long exposure modded ones premade on astro buy/sell.

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