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  1. That is called deferred success JV!
  2. Hi Ron (and others), As a secondary school teacher I have to say that in many ways I agree with you when you say that education in our country is poor. What we are good at is coaching our students how to pass examinations. We a judged on how many students can pass an exam and the pressure to do this is enormous. Teaching students mental arithmetic, pronunciation etc gets us no benefit because these skills are not required in final examinations. I have found myself many times stopping students for investigating concepts and issues that are interesting and useful because they are not on the syll
  3. Smashing result there mate and that is some magnification. Chris
  4. A cracking image mate, top stuff. Like the fact that you captured the neighbouring galaxy too. Chris
  5. Great stuff mate, I'd be well chuffed with those. Your hard work has paid off. V. well done. Chris
  6. Hi there, As a fairly new starter myself I difficulties that you are facing. You will find that you make many breakthroughs but the journey there can be rather frustrating. Firstly don't expect to see views that we see in magazines and the internet. We see things very differently through our 'scopes. Practically it is vital that you learn your way around your telescope following the guide in the manual and articles on the web. Take time learning how to set it up, i.e. polar alignment but also learn what can be seen in the sky at any moment in time. Turn Left at Orion is a good book for this. P
  7. christo

    Hello to all

    Lots of great people here, enjoy yourself and i look forward to e-talking. Regards, Chris
  8. Hi to you and enjoy your time here. Warm regards, Chris
  9. Hi folks, I know how to work out magnification levels when visually observing but when imaging with a webcam how do you work out what magnification you are working at as there is no eyepiece to use in the calculation? Cheers, Chris
  10. Hi, found this quite interesting, thought you might like a read. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/6947607.stm Chris
  11. Hi, As far as I am concerned the CG5 goto is a fantastic piece of kit. Yes, it's noisy (but you get use to it) but it is steady, accurate and user friendly. I'd strongly recommend it. Chris
  12. I'd recommend Turn Left at Orion, smashing introductory book for observing and finding your way around the sky. Chris
  13. christo

    Hello everyone

    A very warm welcome from me too. Some top people here, enjoy. Chris
  14. Hi people, This is slightly off thread, hope you don't mind. I've a C8-NGT set up that I've owned for around 18 months and was wondering about the alignment process. Rus you mentioned that you completed a two star align but I don't have that option on my set. Think I saw somewhere that a newer version since mine has been made available which might be what you have. If this is the case can I upgrade to the newer system? Is it worth doing so? and...does the new system have any other benefits? Cheers folks, Chris
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