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I was trying to scan across the sky (attempting to find Lulin..) using the slow-motion control, and all of a sudden my Asc. knob locked up. Couldn't figure it out. Felt like I was tightening a nut, if you know what I mean...

Finally (after a little panic), realised you can only use the Asc. slow-motion control so far, you can't just keep scanning. Will that not prove to be a pain in the ***? I will always have to more or less centre my view before using the slow-mo.

Not really saying much in this post, I've realised, but the sky's just clouded over, so I figure I'd post an update of how I'm getting on!


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On the EQ2 mount I think the declination slow motion has limited travel before you have to reset it. The RA one just keeps going around and around.

If it's any consolation both axis on my AZ-3 alt-azimuth mount need to be reset when they run out of travel.

The dec axis should not need to be moved too much if you have reasonably accurate polar alignment.


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The slo-mo knobs have always annoyed me as the clash with each other or mount. If you have your scope properly balanced you don't need to use the slo-mo controls at all. Just leave the axis locks off and move the scope gently where ever you want to go. If you only want one direction of movement then keep the other axis locked.


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