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Focuser upgrade for 200p

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I have a 200p with the standard, single speed focuser and I'm a bit frustrated with focusing for photography. I want to be able to make sure I'm bang on, but it feels like a bit to much of a process of doing it until I lose patience at the moment. I have been using APT and the focus helper it has, but it's not that useful compared to just eyeballing it, due to the amount of shake I get doing so. The side of my story is that I'm cheap :D And I tend to prefer DIY or cheap solutions to problems. 

Is it going to be better to get a focus motor and maybe USB autofocus system, or a dual speed focuser in my situation? I guess what I'm really asking is - is there a disadvantage to using autofocus with the single speed? I'm not that into the idea of investing in both... I see that there's a manual skywatcher motor that's fairly cheap - are these reasonably accurate and decent?

Sorry - bit vague :)

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On 31/01/2022 at 21:35, Spile said:

I’ve ordered the Lacerta dual speed upgrade for the standard Crayford focussed. I will need to be patient however as it’s not due for delivery until April/May! 

Yes, I’ve had my eye on that too. And until recently due delivery date was Feb/March!  :(

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