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  1. The astronomer's curse...... Spent many years in Didcot, strange without the power station there.....
  2. Hi Folks, I finally made the leap and purchased the Sky-Watcher SolarQuest Mount from FLO. I was a little sceptical about a perceived "one trick pony" but it does it well. and is such a simple set-up. I've not seen an awful lot of information on these so though I would share my initial thoughts and an unboxing video in the link below. Tracks the sun for hours and stays in the centre of view the whole time. The 8 way slider is for fine adjustment if required with quite a slow slew rate. It takes 8 x AA batteries which I was a little nervous about how long they would last but as its only making slight adjustments, seem to be lasting although there is the option of a 12v external supply. It's a very compact set up for storage and travel and a cinch to set up. Place on level ground using the built in bubble and turn on. Its surprisingly quick to level, get a GPS fix and track, tracks through the thinner clouds and if you do get thicker clouds you get a warning LED light up. Simplicity is genius. I know my setup might look like a cardboard box painted back inside ( I call it the command centre) but hey, it works. Happy for any questions you have.
  3. Have you tried with a Barlow as well?
  4. Beautiful, love the detail and prefer the inverted image.
  5. Looks awesome, well done!
  6. Can this be solved with a tilt adjuster?
  7. Honestly mate, this is more or less the same set up when I started, F5 newtonian and a Canon 1000D. I use a large cardboard box and have painted it back inside, so much easier to see the screen, its low tech but works!
  8. Long gone are my days of staying up late (due to sleep condition) so mainly solar astronomy for me
  9. Manual, using the slow motion controls is a real pain, its no way to keep on doing that. I've looked at reviews for the skyquest and pretty much made my mind up, should keep it in view for a fair few hours. Yes rotation could be an issue but only for full disc images I guess?
  10. Hi All, My first solar prominence timelapse. Quite possibly the most long winded and difficult thing I've done in ages, manually tracking, focusing, recording all at the same time. It'll get better next time as I've learnt a lot of lessons, that includes me buying a Sky-Watcher SolarQuest mount and how to use software I've never used before. 18Gb of data from 35 videos of 10 seconds/500 frames. using a Coronado PST and ASI120MC.
  11. I have a GoPro 7 Black. It has a night timelapse mode but haven't checked it out yet. Not sure how good though, most action cameras really struggle in low light but you can do exposures up to 30 seconds. GoPro have advice here on this: https://gopro.com/en/be/news/mastering-hero7-night-photo-mode
  12. Sorry to hear that. Fibreglass is easy to repair though, if a little stinky (you should wear a mask anyway). Just remember that if you have cracks, drill a small hole at the end of the crack to stop the cracks from expanding further.
  13. Nice proms! Love your solar work. Nothing but cloud today, hoping for better weather on Wednesday
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