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I'm sure you will all be sick of answering my questions very soon, so I better get them all in... :lol:

I've just hooked up the motor drive that came with my Skywatcher 130pm. I've hooked the spring up as I think it should be, but when the motor tries to drive, it "hops" on the gear. It works fine going backwards, only forwards I have this problem.. It works fine if I push the motor up into the gear and then tighted the twisty bit, but of course then I can't disengage the clutch without loosening it again.

Am I doing something wrong? Presumably I have it the right way around, with the motor UNDER the big gear, and the spring pulling the drive gear UP to it..?


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Solved: Sorta. I've undone removed the big cog, and slid the spring onto the shaft it was on, then replaced the big cog. Pretty much means the motor drive is permanent, but puts the spring under more tension, and at a better angle to pull the motor up. All in all a bit of a silly system, isn't it?

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