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  1. i got one last time they had them . it's pretty good
  2. you can use my post as an example of how dangerous they are if you want. was very lucky when it cracked
  3. when i got my first scope some years ago i used one of them. was away from the scope and heard a crack looked at the scope and the filter was red hot and cracked . i now know it was a stupid thing to use but didnt back then. i was very lucky indeed
  4. could save them in a bucket for when it's cloudy
  5. hi raf welcome from N. Somerset
  6. looks like one i had. was a cracking scope pity i didn't notice it before may have put a bid on it .its just down the road from me to . heavy duty boxes as i recall
  7. I'm going to B&Q for a hard hat in case i catch my head on it and keeping an eye on the cat so he doesn't claw it and cause damage to it
  8. i asked Mark Thompson on twitter about the shift he said "An earthquake cannot alter the direction in space the axis points but it can move plates on Earth so axis 'seems' to have moved"
  9. Hi Dr W from another n somerset star gazer
  10. i got a skywatcher 130pm and can see some bands on Jupiter
  11. I'm on the map . worked first time too am amazed. very few things i do work first time lol
  12. great news:hello2:. hope he stays well:icon_salut:
  13. the 130pm i have has a motor that tracks the object being looked at so keeps it in view
  14. had the same thing. beginning to think they may be pay per view or something:dontknow:
  15. total cloud cover here in n somerset:mad:. was for the last one too
  16. hello welcome to sgl. i got a 130pm it's a good scope to start with
  17. the skywatcher 130 is a good scope .it's what i use
  18. i find fingerless gloves handy too. warm and can still change ep's without taking them off
  19. i know the feeling it's great to see it yourself paul (weston super mare down the road a bit:) )
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