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Gathered this data a couple of months a go, but never posted as I wasn't particularly happy with it, and was hoping to add more integration time. The weather has scupper that plan, and if we ever do get some clear nights I have other targets in in mind by now.

Anyway, here it is, a rather underwhelming and badly processed version of m31, if I remember correctly, the total integration time was about an hour. Shot with the 80ed and a canon 600d on a heq5.


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19 minutes ago, ScouseSpaceCadet said:

Hardly underwhelming. You photographed a galaxy (and its companions)!😀

I suppose expectations change when you spend a lot of money and see results others are getting. 

But when you put it like that, it's amazing that we can photograph a galaxy from our backyard. If someone showed me that picture 2 years ago, I would probably have been quite impressed. It's good to have some perspective though, so thank you😁

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