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ES 24mm 68degree for use in binoviewers?


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I'm considering using a pair of ES 24mm 68 degree eyepieces in a binoviewer.  I have one of the eyepieces already and I'm wondering if the bodies might be a little too large. Before I buy a second, has anyone tried this?



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If they really are 56mm in diameter as I've found online, that would be pushing it as far as IPD and trying to get the bridge of your nose between them unless you're flat faced.  That, and you're looking at 658g for the two of them, making for a rather heavy load in the focuser when coupled with the BV's weight.

Would you be using them with or without an OCS/GPC/Barlow?  If with, the higher effective f-ratio will allow you to use lower cost (and smaller and lighter) wide-fields to good effect.  I use a Meade 140 2x Barlow nosepiece with my BV for an effective 3x magnification or f/18 f-ratio.  I've recently found that the new Svbony 20mm 68° Ultra Wide Angle work really well as a BV pair at f/18:


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Thanks for your replies.

I've measured the ES 24 and it is 56mm diameter, my IPD is about 66mm so 10mm clearance which is certainly tight.

I'm hoping to get away with using just the lowest power GPC with my f7 scope, so hopefully no slower than about f9. Two 24mm Panoptics would be great but seems overkill and expensive at f9? Conversely I suspect that f9 is a little too fast for good performance from the Svbony.  

Any thoughts on 68 degree eyepieces that are good at f9 that won't break the bank when buying two of them? 

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