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ngc 7814 in Pegasus


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Last spring I bought a new telescope (a refractor at that) for wide fields, but I couldn't test it then. So this is almost first light. I wanted to see what this telescope can deliver, and I must say, I'm not very impressed. The stars aren't round to the corners and there is a horrible blue bloat. The first night I collected data for this image, I didn't refocus before switching to the blue filter . (Hey, I'm a reflector guy. I'm not used to having to refocus.) The second night I refocused with the blue filter in place and collected new data. Even the green subs were below par and I used only 13 of 21 collected. For this reason I didn't even bother collecting luminance data. I created a synthetic luminance instead. What I am pleased with is the sensitivity of the ASI294MM which pulled out quite a few distant fuzzies from the limited data.

TS 70EDQ ED refractor with built in corrector on AZ-EQ6 mount

ZWO ASI294MM-Pro at -10C, gain 0 with Optolong RGB filters

  • Red: 20  4 minutes
  • Green: 13 x 4 minutes
  • Blue: 30 x 4 minutes

Total integration time, just over 4 hours with the moon at 80%.

Processed in PixInsight

(click on the images for larger versions)



I have also used this scope together with a Star Analyzer 100 and have started playing with spectroscopy. I will probably use the scope for that and for wide field Ha objects. The Pelican nebula is very nicely framed with this scope and the 294.

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Well, can't even say I'm an amateur imager or something, but that is a great photo. In my view at least..

Kinda plays with your mind this thing. Makes you wonder about stuff haha 😄

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