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  1. What is that? Is that Ptolemys cluster? Kind of reminds me when I saw it once by accident with my scope when I was admiring the stars. I didn't even know What I was looking at until I realized I might be looking at a cluster. Regardles, excellent image, very bright and detailed. All those stars make me wonder every time.
  2. Hello! Welcome and good luck. Looking forward to your first attempt at imaging.
  3. Whew whee that's some professional work right there! Haven't seen that many views of the Pleiadis but this is one of the best. I didn't even know three of the little stars in that row were orange. I don't know why for some reason this image makes me think of Star Control II, I guess it's that good
  4. Yes very nice indeed. I can't trully say I'm all that excited about nebulae DSO's but this is a beautiful excpetion. Viewing it full size is a real treat. Great Job man
  5. Wow absolutely amazing. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but this doesn't seem to me all that different from some HST picture of a globular. I zoomed all the way in and you couldn't all the stars in there even if you sat down looking at it for a year.
  6. Well, can't even say I'm an amateur imager or something, but that is a great photo. In my view at least.. Kinda plays with your mind this thing. Makes you wonder about stuff haha
  7. A general thank you to everyone. Weird, I didn't notice all the recent replies. I thought I would get notified, excuse me for the late reply.
  8. Thanks again Nik great tip. Hope I got it right. I'll try it as soon as possible. Good to know. Thanks for your concern Stu you're right I have been neglecting myself a bit. Been through a little tough time the past couple of years. Haha stupid me thought about new binoculars instead of 10 year old glasses.
  9. Thanks all. Hope to be useful to the forum and draw as much as I can from this vast community.
  10. Great help Stu. I just went through the observing binoculars catalog and they have a really good selection. Moreover they do deliver to my country (Israel, apologize if that offends anybody) and some products even seem cheaper that on Amazon, but I'm guessing it's only the base price and unfortunately after shipping and customs I believe it would sum up to be more expensive. Not to mention I'll have to deal with clearing customs by myself here when the package arrives as opposed to Amazon taking care of all of that during purchase. But at the very least you've helped me with another, even better option than my initial three so thank you for that, the Opticron in fact seem very well for their price. Wonder if I could find them somewhere else. I have a pretty good regular camera tripod, sure. Regarding astigmatism, excuse me for being a little ignorant as an eyeglasses wearer, but that's the condition where one eye has problems\difficulties with focusing right? I think.. We just call it by another name here haha.. Well sadly I haven't been to the eye doctor for a long time actually but I think I remember something about my right eye having some sort of issue besides normal deteriorating eyesight. Nevertheless I managed to see quite good through my Levenhuks with and without my glasses. Only problem I can mention is centering the view was a little difficult and finding the appropriate position for the eye cups. Needless to say, viewing without the glasses was easier through the bins but was a pain in the sense that every time I wanted to locate a target with my eyes I had to put the glasses back on and off to view through the bins again. That's why I see myself as a dummy Thanks again Stu, for your time and help.
  11. Yes to tell you the truth I think I would have eventually chosen the Skymaster but since I bumped into the Bresser's by chance on Amazon.uk I'm back to square one in terms of comparison. Question, what do you mean by the Skymasters aperture isn't actually 80mm? I recall hearing about such a thing throughout my web searches but I never payed any attention to it. Why would the aperture not be 80mm? Isn't that like false advertising or something? Or do you mean that the lenses light gathering capability is if they were less than 80mm long? How would I go about measuring my Levenhuk's actual lens size? I have something along the lines of a regular camera tripod, adequate for the 15x70, hope it will work well with an 80mm pair too. Thank you for your opinion an time
  12. Well I recognize the name SVBONY from when I purchased a tripod adapter for my 15X70. I didn't know they make binoculars too. Anyway I already have a 10x50 pair (Olympus DPSi) which I got as a gift and what spurred me to upgrade to a 15x70. I guess I'll have to wait a while with my upgrade. Thanks though! And about the other issue, good to know, hope it wasn't wrong of me to ask about it here in a new topic. Thanks for the clarification
  13. Hello SGL community! I'm new to the forums so excuse me if this not common or prohibited behavior but I wanted to know if it is okay to bump a topic I posted but got no replies. It's been two days I think since I posted it. I've known this site for a couple of years and I came here for help once so I thought I could ask for advice again. As I was spellchecking this I noticed that people have viewed my topic and I guess this topic is sort of a bump in itself so excuse me anyway...
  14. Oh well, in that case I guess where I thought was really dark here, which is about 3 4 hours drive, wasn't all that dark . According to a light pollution map I saw before, it was supposed to be something like a 5~6 magnitude area. I remember seeing Andromeda with my eyes like a really big oval smudge, and even that was when I was looking at it indirectly. You know, looking at something near it. Through my scope was barely any better. I could just make out the brighter inner part, but not much beyond that. If what you say is true then I'm guessing my Celestron 130 newtonian is no good, they sky weren't all that dark or something was wrong with my eyesight\glasses. Good to know though, thanks for the information.
  15. Wow.. Wish I had the means, opportunity and knowledge to take such photographs. Hope this isn't a stupid question, but can you tell how dark the sky was where you took that picture? I mean, magnitude-wise I've been to the darkest place I could find in my country and I could barely see Andromeda..
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